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Can Malet - El Masnou terra de mar

Can Malet

Can Malet would end up becoming one of the municipality’s largest properties, which consisted of the manor, a chapel, the tenant farmer’s house, a garden with a pond, crops and gardens, the threshing floor, stables, storerooms and vineyards, among others.

The oldest document that refers to this farmhouse is the Masnou resident Antoni Antich’s purchase deed (1541) from the heirs of Rafael Botey of Teià. According to Miquel Garriga i Roca, the 'mas nou’, or new farmhouse, is what gave its name to the town.It was later bought by the Rogent family and, in the 18th century, its name was changed to Can Casas.

In the mid-19th century, the last heir of the Casas family died without children and the property was divided between two nephews. The old tenant farmer’s house went to Anton i Gaspar Malet, where the façade is all that remains today. The family estate went to Felip Cunill Sors, which was transformed by the last owner into a summer home with a magnificent front garden, which disappeared in the 1970s.

Of the entire estate, only the façade of the tenant farmer’s house, part of the gardens and a lintel bearing the date of 1736 remain, as well as the monogram IHS, which was on the chapel of Sant Antoni de Pàdua. The chapel was lost in successive remodelling projects and expansions.

At present, it is a municipal facility that houses the Can Malet Elderly Social Centre.

Passatge de Marià Rossell, 1

Foto 1. Fotografia actual. Núria Duran. Fons documental: Museu Municipal de Nàutica del Masnou.

Foto 2. Detall del llindar de la porta, 1736. Núria Duran. Fons documental: Museu Municipal de Nàutica del Masnou.

Foto 3. Fotografia actual. Núria Duran. Fons documental: Museu Municipal de Nàutica del Masnou.

Foto 4. Can Cases, 1890-1913. Josep de Cabanyes. Fons documental: Arxiu Fotogràfic Centre Excursionista de Catalunya