Mina d'Aigua del Masnou


Free guided tour on the second Sunday of each month at 11.00 am. As space is limited, you must sign up first at the Masnou Municipal Nautical Museum.
Guided tours are available for groups and in different languages. Consult availability and prices at the Masnou Municipal Nautical Museum. 


Plaça d’Ocata (no number)
08320, El Masnou

Getting there

By train: RENFE destination Ocato, Line R1
By coach: SARBUS, C10 Barcelona-Mataró
By car: Closest car park 500 m (entrance on Plaça Marcel·lina de Monteys)

Opening hours

Second Sunday of each month at 11.00 am
You must have signed up at the Museum


Masnou Municipal Nautical Museum
Telephone: 935 571 830

View point

Do you dare to go deep underground to see a section of the Cresta and Malet aqueducts, which are part of a labyrinth of galleries 27 kilometres long?

Starting in the 18th century, with the urban growth of the municipality, work started to excavate these mines to capture and collect water filtering through the substratum and channel it to houses.

These aqueduct mines are comprised of an underground fountain or water source, a series of galleries with conduits to channel water and a reservoir to collect it. The water was carried to different houses via distributors, underground or in towers –there are still several well-conserved specimens in the municipality– depending on the amount of water each home contracted. Residents stored any surplus water in their own tanks to use as reserves and it was also collected in basins.

This system of mines operated until the 1960s or 1970s, when water supply was taken over by the Municipal Water Service. There are still some homes today that, even though they are connected to the water mains, use this spring water for domestic uses.

The 40-square-metre space you can visit today consists of an underground gallery –reinforced to make access easier and ensure safety– and an air-raid shelter. This section was adapted in 1999, thanks to collaboration from the Friends of the Malet Mine Association, the Cresta Mine Property Owners and support from the Masnou Town Council.